A hit all year round, the sunroom is a brilliant addition to your home. This room not only makes a lovely home for your houseplants, but it also provides a great entertainment space for your guests. Your furry friends will also love bathing in the sun by your side.

What is a sunroom, essentially

Otherwise known as the conservatory, this is a tranquil, light-filled space ideal for daytime entertainment throughout the seasons. 

The concept of the sunroom is simple, the benefits of solar heating. You can soak up a good ten minutes in the sunlight, relaxing or reading a book.

In the winter, sunrooms give the feeling of being outside or bathing in the afternoon sun. All the while safely indoors, lounging on a couch and sipping your tea, darling. 

Creating a sunroom

You could consider converting your outdoor porch into a sunroom. Typically this involves installing great wide windows from top to bottom. This lets the sun in nicely while you can adjust blinds or curtains if things get a little smoldering. 

What goes down in a sunroom

Apart from lounging and whiling away in your free time, a sun room makes a great home for your indoor plant friends. Add potted plants where you grow your herbs and flowers adding to the outdoor aesthetic the sunroom is designed to achieve. 

Other uses

Your sunroom could also make for a great alternative workspace of home office. For a slight change of scenery, to boost your mood or increase productivity. What’s that…you’re dialing in for a zoom call? Oh glory, just imagine how gorgeous the lighting will be from all that natural light streaming in.

Vital elements

As awesome as it is to have all that sun coming in from the outside, you want to be able to regulate the heat factor. Take care to include proper ventilation, perhaps a ceiling fan to cool off in the sweltering heat in the warmer months. Or you could crack open some windows to let in that fresh outdoor air. Finally, you want to ensure you have proper seating. A comfortable couch is a worthwhile investment here as you will ever be invited to take a siesta in your indoor-outdoor home sanctuary. 

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Featured inage: Unsplash / @ Francesca Tosolini