Recycling has become integral to our lives. Knowing how to recycle is fundamental as it helps to protect the environment. We have ways for you to make recycling part of your home.

Avoid using plastic bags

Plastic bags are the number-one issue contaminant. They act as tanglers in many ways and are harmful to marine life. In the case of ingestion or entanglement, these plastic bags can hurt and kill animals. Although they are recyclable, it is best to avoid them and use bags you can repurpose over and over.

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Reuse your glass jars

Instead of throwing it away, repurpose your glass jars and use it in your home.



However, glass can be harmful to the environment as it requires a high melting point of around 1,700 Celsius to produce. This is harmful because it takes a lot of energy and contributes to air pollution. So, recycling glass is more earth-friendly.

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Choose wooden items for your home

Many products nowadays use bamboo materials to help save the environment. Try swapping your toothbrushes and combs for wooden ones.

They are visually appealing and are better choices for the environment. These wooden items help offer a natural, earth-friendly, and sustainable environment. Wooden products generate a lower carbon footprint compared to plastics.

Embrace the Four Rs

Everyone knows the four Rs of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose. You can introduce these four Rs to your children at home to instil the knowledge while they are young. To help this become a norm at your home, set up a recycling station in your kitchen.

This will help teach your family where each recyclable material goes. Making this a family routine will ensure that recycling becomes an integral part of your lives.

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Reducing waste in our homes is essential and requires collective responsibility. Use these four ways to help keep the environment sustainable and clean.


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