A contemporary KZN town house

Recycling a few well-loved pieces of furniture gave this town house in a secure estate in KZN a fresh contemporary look

In the living room, the riempies bench was painted white. The top of the ball-and-claw coffee table was sanded and sealed and the legs painted.

Now painted white, the Windsor chairs and dining room table look fresh and modern. Leaving the top of the table in the natural wood adds warmth.

In the bedroom, shelves on the sides of the headboard, made by Woodnewz, store duvets and extra pillows.

The kitchen is bright and functional with plenty of storage space. The island features a gas hob and space for casual dining.

In the workroom, the ottoman folds out into a three-quarter bed, and the black box covering the inverter serves as a night stand when required.

Tips on downsizing

  • Be ruthless. Only take what will fit and what you really need or love.
  • Square works better than round in a smaller space.
  • Sliding cupboard doors in the bedroom are a great space saver.
  • Declutter not only your kitchen cupboards and garage but also your wardrobe before moving.
  • Design your new, smaller space for you and not for visitors. Having an extra bedroom or bathroom that will only be used a few days a year is a waste of money and space. Friends and family can stay in a B&B.