Romy Meurer from The Gift Wrap Studio shares her top gift wrapping tips for the festive season

1. Select a theme and colour palette

Decide on a theme and colour scheme for your wrapping this season, and create your signature “look” by keeping to this when you purchase paper, ribbons and trimmings.

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2. Move away from traditional printed patterned paper

Consider using a good quality kraft paper to wrap your gifts. This paper provides a blank canvas for you to create unique works of art for all your gifts. Incorporate colour in the ribbon and trimmings to bring across the festive theme.

3. Use real ribbon

Use good quality, fabric ribbon abundantly. You need at least 1.5m of ribbon to tie an impressive bow. Buy a selection of ribbons that work together, mix up textures, designs and widths but ensure they are all aligned to your theme, and make an attractive overall look and feel. The Party Spot has a large selection of ribbon that you can purchase either by the metre or roll.

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4. Add bling and trimmings

Adding a little sparkle to your gift always adds a “wow” element to the overall presentation. Look out for bits and bobs that you can add to your gifts such as ornaments, baubles, bells, pom-pons, greens, fake berries and candy canes. Checkers, Mr Price Home and The Garden Shop have a wonderful selection of attractive trimmings to add to your Christmas gifts this season.

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5. Dress up your gifts

Use round stickers to create a polka dot effect on your wrapping, and then add beautiful luxury ribbon, tied in a generous bow, and don’t forget the trimmings and gift tags.

6. Box towers

If you find gift wrapping odd shaped gifts a challenge, consider popping these in a box with some wood wool or shredded paper to fill the extra space. If you have bought a few gifts for one person, pack these in various sized boxes and stack and secure with a ribbon. Don’t forget your theme; if you opt for kraft paper, use kraft boxes.

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7. Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Make your gift wrapping pop using colour and adding something unique that you wouldn’t expect to find on a gift.

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8. Wrap as you buy

If you wait to wrap your Christmas gifts at the last minute you won’t have the time, energy or desire to make them something special, so wrap as you buy and pop them under the tree to create a fun, festive look in your home.