8 Clever ideas for displaying art

Artworks are the finishing touch to gorgeous interiors. Here are some interesting ideas on how to hang them effectively

Art 1

These four large charcoal drawings were hung from the sofa level right up to the ceiling in a formal arrangement to give the impression of height. [Decor by Interdeco].

Art 2

Propping artworks against a wall creates a laid-back feel, but the composition can also be easily changed whenever the mood strikes – no hammer and nails required.

Art 3

For a strongly decorated look cover a whole wall with artworks as interior designer Caline Williams-Wynn of Artichoke Interiors did here.

Art 4

A big, punchy canvas hung on a bare wall is often all an entrance hall needs. The large scale of this work by Andrew Verster dominates the space and makes a dramatic feature.

Art 5

Arrange artworks to emphasise the unusual shape of a wall.

Art 6

Black and white photographs hung against a bold wallpaper add extra oomph and the composition of six images gives the space a structured look. [Decor by Clinton Savage Interiors].

Art 7

A dark wall is very effective in accentuating a collection of artworks of different shapes and sizes. [Decor by Angela Shaw].

Art 8

Proof that you can hold an entire decor scheme together with a single, strong image. [Decor by John Jacob Interiors].