With so many advantages stacked in their favour, it’s no wonder shutters have become the window treatment of choice in many homes. Dress your windows in style with a little help from Plantation Shutters.

Shutters are a timeless addition to a home’s interiors and complement all styles. One of their main advantages is that they offer a practical, all-season solution: protection from the sun’s heat and glare in summer and insulation in winter. They’re also versatile and can be custom made to fit all window or door openings.



These are attached to the window reveal with a frame and hinges, and open out to lie flush against the wall. They are suitable for all windows, but especially in bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is required. They can also be double hinged so that they fold in the centre (bi-fold). Another option is café style, where panels are split so that the top and bottom sections can be opened independently. Thus the top shutters can stay open for light and the bottom can remain shut for privacy.

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plantation shutters

Multiple shutter panels slide on a track and fold away to one side. These are most commonly used for large openings that lead onto patios, verandas and other outdoor areas but it can be applied to larger window openings.


plantation shutters

Like the bi-fold system, this is used in doorways, however, instead of folding to the side, the shutter panels slide past each other on tracks.


1. Ensure there is sufficient space in the window or door reveal for installation of the product as well as wall room for the shutters to swing back or stack up as required.

2. If maximising light and views are priorities, opt for a larger panel.

3. If choosing timber shutters, make sure the wood is treated for protection against warping and damage by woodboring insects.

4. Some products are not sold per m², but per panel. In this situation, wider shutter panels are more cost effective as fewer are required to cover a window or door.

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