5 Flooring trends we love

Nowadays there is a greater than ever selection of beautiful and innovative flooring. Here are five of our favourite trends

Salvaged wood floors like parquet lend a home character that is impossible to recreate with modern products. As with any hardwood flooring, salvaged floors have excellent acoustic and thermal properties and attract less dust and allergens.

  • Best suited to living spaces and bedrooms. Open-plan living and dining areas showcase these floors particularly well.
  • Blocks need to acclimatise for between two and three weeks. Stack them in small piles in the room in which they’ll be laid. The sides must be free from any bitumen or screed to ensure a neat fit.
  • Expect to pay: Upwards of R800/m2, depending on quality.


Vinyl flooring offers a very realistic substitute for wooden floors at a far more affordable price and there are many practical benefits too.

  • Best for living areas and bedrooms, vinyl can be laid in any area in the home, even bathrooms and kitchens as there is no risk of swelling or lifting.
  • Application of a dry level screed is necessary to protect the vinyl from rising damp. These floors are susceptible to excessive heat and sun exposure which can cause them to expand.
  • Expect to pay: Prices can start at R250/m2 including installation but excluding the screed.


Cork is made from the renewable bark of the cork oak tree so it offers a sustainable, environmentally positive flooring solution.

cork flooring
  • Thanks to its durability and high resistance to abrasion, cork is suitable for every room in the home. As it’s mildew-, rot- and mould-resistant, cork is perfect for bathrooms and other high-humidity spaces.
  • Despite being low maintenance, cork does require proper attention and careful cleaning. Floors should be swept regularly with a soft-bristled broom to remove dirt, and cleaned with a damp mop once a week or as required.
  • Expect to pay: From R160/m2 excluding installation.


With the trend towards all things natural and eco-friendly, bamboo flooring continues to gain popularity. Bamboo conserves heat so it’s comfortably warm to walk on and naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and allergens.

  • Hard-wearing bamboo floors are ideal for high-traffic areas such as entrances and staircases, and they give warmth to living spaces and bedrooms.
  • A handy cleaning tip is to lightly spray a solution of spirit vinegar and water on the floor and wipe it with a micro-fibre cloth.
  • Expect to pay: From R455/m2 excluding installation.


The advantage of large-scale tiles, which are available in either square or rectangular formats, is that they can expand a room visually by offering a virtually seamless surface.

  • Large-scale porcelain and ceramic tiles are extremely durable and suitable for any floor application. They are most successful used in large, contemporary open-plan spaces.
  • Ensure that the surface is completely flat before laying large-scale tiles. Unlike smaller tiles, they can’t be ‘bedded up’ with adhesive as this will spoil their seamless effect.
  • Expect to pay: Upwards of R490/m2.