Struggling to choose paint colours or decide on a new sofa? You may be suffering from home decorating indecision.  Here are some tips for overcoming it…

Confession, I love home decor and have been writing about it for years, but I’ve struggled to commit to new decor ideas. Over the last few years, that started to change.

If you too struggle to make decisions about home decor, here are a few things that helped me and could possibly help you start implementing the lovely home decor ideas that you have.

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Think like a minimalist

Finding your home decor style isn’t always about identifying what you like and buying it, it can start with looking at what you no longer like or need and getting rid of it.

A few years ago, I donated two inherited pink wingbacked chairs from my deceased grandmother to her preferred charity.

The chairs were gorgeous, but bulky, didn’t fit into our new home’s living area well and needed to be reupholstered. Our living area felt more spacious without them.

I realised that I loved those chairs once, but it was time to move on – with less.

Picture it

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it helps if I can physically see what home decor changes would look like, rather than trying to imagine it.

This may be sketching out ideas or using technology to find and refine inspiration.

For inspiration, I enjoy using Pinterest and Instagram.

When it came to nailing down paint colours, I used the Dulux app. It allowed me to take a picture of a room with my phone, add paint colours and save pictures so I could go back and make comparisons between different paint colours.

I’m also currently using Canva to create a collage storyboard with the furniture we have and pieces that we were considering buying for a mini dining area revamp.

Another way to picture changes is with samples. When possible, get paint, fabric or flooring samples you can take home and look at them in your own space. Looking at paint colours in a store is one thing, but painting a test patch really allows you to see how that colour looks in your home in natural light.

Stop overthinking it and just do it

I’d wanted one for about five years, and this year we finally did it – we put up a gallery wall.

For years I couldn’t decide if we should use a collection of old mismatched white frames and create an eclectic, shabby chic style gallery wall, or buying new ones.

I don’t know why I’d been overthinking it so much because when we sat down to look at our inspiration pictures, we quickly decided on a modern, uniform style gallery wall over a shabby chic one.

We ended up buying a picture ledge for some of our old frames and white gallery-style frames to create a modern gallery wall.

The picture ledge gives me the flexibility to change things up easily, while the gallery wall has a clean, modern aesthetic that we love.

Mistakes are part of the learning process

Most things are fixable and no matter what you do, nothing is ever perfect. Give yourself the grace to try things, mess up, fix them and learn from those mistakes.

Indecisiveness is often rooted in perfectionism. And if you want to get over it, remember that ‘perfect is the enemy of good’ and done is better than perfect.

Here’s to getting more done in 2020.

Monique Warner – All4Women

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