DIY home decor: update a tea trolley

Joe Strydom, from antique shop Trouvé, shows how easy it is to turn a boring tea trolley into a statement piece


You’ll need:

  • An old tea trolley
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • sugar soap, a paintbrush
  • universal undercoat
  • silver paint
  • a dusting cloth
  • ageing glaze (a mixture of scumble glaze and raw umber) and sealer.

How to do it: Sand the trolley to roughen the surface, and clean it thoroughly with sugar soap. Then paint or spray with the universal undercoat and let it dry completely. Paint or spray it with silver paint and leave to dry for two to three days. For the distressed look, sand the edges lightly and remove the residue with a dusting cloth. Working in small sections, apply the ageing glaze, wiping away the excess. Finally, apply the sealer to the inside of the tray to protect the finish.