How would you like to brighten up your workspace with foliage and boost productivity while you’re at it?


Researchers have found that employees working in offices with plants are up to 15% more productive than employees in offices without plants. In addition to productivity levels, employees’ concentration and workplace satisfaction levels increased too.


If you’re aiming for a productivity boost, adding a few plants to your workspace might just help get you there.


Snake Plants

Snake plants are one of the hardiest plants around and do well even in low-lighting situations like offices. They can survive in heavy shade, require very little water, and can handle air-conditioned spaces. In general, snake plants only need to be watered about once per week or when you notice the soil is looking dry.

Image: Cottonbro for Pexels


Pothos is one of the most popular office plants, thanks to its ease of care and incredible survivability. An attractive green vine with teardrop shaped leaves, pothos plants make beautiful additions to your workspace. Pothos plants require hardly any sunlight, and only need to be watered when its soil begins to dry.

Image: Karolina Grabowska for Pexels

ZZ Plant

Another popular succulent in the office is the ZZ plant, otherwise known as Zamioculcus zamiifolia. Thanks to its drought resistant qualities and high tolerance for low lighting, this upright-growing succulent flourishes in office settings. Water your ZZ plant once every two weeks to one month. This plant can survive an impressive six months without water, so don’t be afraid to let its soil go completely dry before watering.

Image: Ksenia Chernaya for Pexels

Spider Plant

Spider plants are another low-maintenance species that thrive in office conditions. Partial or low light is no problem for these plants, as in the natural world they do best in light shade. You can water your spider plant once weekly, keeping the soil moist but taking care not to let it get soggy.

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