Repairing loose tiles used to mean pulling them all up and re-laying them which can cost thousands of rands. Not any more!


The StickIt Pro Epoxy Tile Injection Repair Kit is so easy to use, that almost anyone with a drill can do it.


StickIt Pro is a new-generation epoxy adhesive specifically designed to fix loose or drummy tiles without having to pull them up. StickIt Pro will also fix drummy render and will save you time, money and inconvenience.


The epoxy-based formula is specifically designed to cure at any depth. Why pay huge repair bills when you can do it yourself?


Stickit Pro can be used on damp surfaces but is unsuitable for use where there is pooling water as this will dilute the adhesive prior to cure. Stickit Pro is suitable for a wide range of surfaces but is not recommended for use on smooth plastics.


Contact StickIt Pro at: 086 199 5036.



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