To celebrate National Water Week, follow these tips to save water:

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Check for leaks

Make sure that the taps inside and outside your home as well as your showerheads don’t leak. Test this by turning off all the taps, watching them closely for a few seconds. Ensure the toilet cistern doesn’t continue filling after flushing then check if your meter is still running. If it is, and you notice any leaks, contact a plumber.

How low can you go?

A great way to cut your water bill is to install a low-flow showerhead. They’re usually affordable and can make a big difference. A regular showerhead has a flow of about 18 litres of water per minute, while a low-flow showerhead delivers less than 10 litres per minute.

Don’t let it run

If you have a just few dishes in the sink, don’t rinse them under the tap, rather put in the plug and either wash them in a little bit of water or wait until you have more dishes and wash them all at once. Also, teach your children to close the tap while they brush their teeth or wash their hands and only open it again when they rinse.

Use grey water

Reuse your bathwater or place a bucket underneath the shower to collect the water while you wait for it to get hot. You can use this on your plants and even to flush the toilet.

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Know when to water plants

Water plants early in the morning when temperatures are lower. Watering between 10am and 3pm, when it’s windy, or when temperatures are humid is a waste of water and you can lose up to 90% to evaporation.

Saving money

By reducing your water usage, you also save money. Another way to save money is by getting tailored home insurance that suits your pocket from a reputable insurer. Apply for an insurance quote so you can live your way and use the money you save at the end of the month to treat yourself or your family.