Turn indoor plants into a decor statement

The gorgeous fresh colour of indoor plants brings a room to life adding a sense of peace and connection with nature.

As a reaction to technology, plants are becoming more and more important in interiors. Being surrounded by plants whether faux or real is believed to lower blood pressure and induce a feeling of wellbeing.

Although they don’t have the air cleansing benefits of real plants, faux versions are ideal for those who don’t have green fingers or the ideal conditions in which real plants thrive. An added benefit is that as faux plants don’t require a waterproof pot, you can use any type of container including on-trend baskets. With these homeowners in mind, Susan McCoubrey of Block & Chisel selected faux plants for their stores that closely resemble the real thing but give you more scope decor wise.

Here are her tips on incorporating them into your home.

  • The container you choose should complement and uplift the décor. If you are grouping plants, then a mix of different designs will give you an eclectic look while sticking to the same type of planter will look calm and classic.
  • Do you want a formal or casual effect? Baskets made from natural materials such as rattan, wicker or bamboo and pots in unglazed terracotta look more relaxed, while glazed ceramic and metallic finishes will complement a sleek contemporary interior.
  • Block & Chisel’s collection of Anduze pots allows you to achieve a chic French look. Made originally in the 16th century, this French Provencal pottery epitomises French garden decor. These multi-functional planters can be the centrepiece or form part of the background, and work both indoors and out.

Visit Block & Chisel’s stores in Cape Town and Jo’burg to view their pots and containers or visit www.blockandchisel.co.za