Spring is the most important season for house plant care. Your plants start coming out of dormancy and begin budding and growing. Their need for nutrition suddenly increases and if their needs are not met, they will almost certainly go into a decline.

  • Some may need fresh soil, so repot any specimens that you think may need fresh growing medium. This is the best season for repotting houseplants – it will encourage new growth and provide space to expand. 


  • Give their leaves a clean-up. This may sound like unnecessary fussing, but the accumulation of winter dust on a plant’s leaves not only is unsightly, it also blocks the tiny pores or stomata. Never use the products in the garden shops sold for leaf cleaning, or worse, the products sold to give the leaves a shine. Just a soft clean cloth and water is all you need. 


  • Feed, feed, feed! It’s best to use a foliar feed high in nitrogen to encourage leaf growth – look for the NPK formula on the bottle and make sure that the N figure (the first one) is the highest.


Colourful Calatheas