Recipes to try this Heritage Day

From salads to sides we have all you need to create the perfect Heritage Day menu



Melon, feta and olive salad Goat’s cheese, beetroot and butternut salad Leafy potato salad with blue cheese dressing
Melon--feta-and-olive-salad ghea2012113012632 Leafy-potato-salad-with-blue-cheese-dressing


Quick tomato, fennel and thyme bread Roasted sweet potato chips with chilli and ginger Roasted carrots with cumin and white wine
Quick-tomato--fennel-and-thyme-bread Roasted-sweet-potato-chips-with-chilli-and-ginger Roasted-carrots-with-cumin-and-white-wine


Beef fillet with mustard cream sauce Chargrilled harissa beef burgers Steak and saucy mushrooms
Beef-fillet-with-mustard-cream-sauce Chargrilled-harissa-beef-burgers Steak-and-saucy-mushrooms


Rooibos crème brûlée Malva pudding cupcakes Milk tart cups
ghea20148592126 Malva-pudding-cupcakes Milk-tart-cups