New decor store in Pretoria

Digital ed Carina Claassens checked out the recently opened decor store, Vintage Vista, in Faerie Glen, Pretoria

It’s wonderful when a beautiful store opens in Pretoria as it seems that most decorators and designers seem to focus on Johannesburg and Cape Town. Pretoria is, however, definitely catching up with the rest of the decor and design world and the recent influx of trendy shops, cafes, restaurants and shopping centres attests to this.

One of the latest decor additions is Vintage Vista in the heart of Faerie Glen. The massive store is packed full of everything a home decorator needs. The furniture and accessories in a wonderful mix of different styles include a combination of both local and imported items. Vintage Vista also has their own range of smaller items, such as yummy smelling candles, fantastic for gifts.

The shop is family run by Debbie Serradinho, her daughter Nastasha Watson and son Ricco, all of who have an intense passion for beautiful things. They explain that they’ve all left completely different industries to work in the field they love the most – interiors.

I was pleasantly surprised when walking through the store as I’m not used to seeing such a great mix of products and styles in Pretoria, especially as the shop is in a predominantly residential area. The aim of the store, according to Debbie and Nastasha, is to allow people to experiment with their own personal style. They want customers to find something that’s uniquely them and to add more of their personalities into their homes. This means that there is literally something for everyone. “If you look at all the different rooms in the store there are little pieces of each of us in them, we want people to have the same in their own homes,” says Nastasha.

Vintage Vista interior store, Pretoria

When asked about their own styles they all had very different answers, Debbie’s is contemporary, Nastasha calls her style “a bit crazy” as she loves mixing old and new, and Ricco simply loves the industrial look.

Their top decor tip? Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Different styles can definitely work together – you don’t have to pick one style and stick with it. “Many people have pieces in their homes that they just don’t know what to do with or how to make them work in their decor scheme. Remember that a change of fabric or a lick of paint can make a world of difference”, advises Debbie.

The family loves buying second-hand furniture and fixing it up and say that it’s important to spend time finding the exact right pieces for you. Fixing up old furniture is a service they are introducing as they want to work closely with clients and realise that spending a fortune on new furniture doesn’t make sense if upcycling old pieces will work.

The store will be a definite hit among designers and decorators, so be sure to check out Vintage Vista at 799 Old Farm Road, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. Call 012 991 5455.

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