As spring awakens the world with its vibrant colours and fragrant blossoms, what better way to celebrate this season of renewal than by immersing yourself in a truly unique and delightful experience? 

Veld and Sea, known for their expertise in foraging and culinary adventures, will be hosting an edible flower springtime experience taking you on a journey into the world of edible flowers and all things floral. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Veld and Sea Glasshouse, this event promises a day filled with beauty, flavour, and creativity.

The Blooming Schedule

The experience takes place on 16 and 30 September, from 10 am to 2 pm and on 1 and 8 October. Participants will embark on a floral adventure like no other. The day kicks off with flower crown creations, where you’ll learn the art of crafting these beautiful, nature-inspired accessories. Sip on wild herbal flower tea and nibble on delectable snacks as you dive into the world of edible blooms.

Next, it’s time to get your hands dirty as you embark on an edible flower and foliage-picking session. Stroll through the lush surroundings, plucking the freshest and most colourful botanical gems for what comes next. After returning to the Glasshouse, you’ll be treated to an informative edible flower talk, complemented by botanical drinks and a recipe creation session. Discover how to incorporate these edible delights into your culinary endeavours.

The highlight of the day is undoubtedly the vibrant edible floral lunch feast. Prepared with a creative touch, this meal showcases the beauty and flavour of edible flowers like never before. It’s a true celebration of nature’s bounty.


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What is Included

Your ticket to this enchanting experience includes a flower crown tutorial, refreshments throughout the day, a floral-inspired lunch, and valuable follow-up notes and recipe PDFs to continue your journey into the world of edible flowers.

Edible Flower Spring time experience


What to Bring

To add your personal touch and a story to the creations, bring a bunch of flowers, whether bought, grown, or foraged. Comfortable shoes are recommended for the flower-picking walk, and, of course, bring along your sense of humour and a hearty appetite.


Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate spring in all its floral glory with Veld and Sea. Immerse yourself in the beauty and taste of edible flowers and create lasting memories in the heart of nature.



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