DIY coat rack

I found myself with a little free time this weekend, so my husband and I decided to put together a coat rack with some cute doorknobs we found at a second-hand shop in Clarens, says production manager Patricia Pieterse

Cot rack
This is a fairly quick and easy project, so it’s perfect if you only have a few hours available.
There are some great knobs to be found on and Poetry.Doorknobs


  • Doorknobs
  • Piece of wood
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Drill bit the same size as the central screw on your doorknobs
  • Drill
  • Washers


  1. Measure the wood and mark the points where you want the knobs so they’re evenly spaced. Meddlesome cat is optional.Step Cat
  2. Stabilise the wood and drill the holes.Step 2
  3. Because our wood was brittle and old, we used washers to distribute the pressure of the knobs.Step 3
  4. Insert the doorknob into the hole in the wood, add the washer and tighten the nuts to stabilise the doorknob.

Step 4Step 4b