Today marks #MandelaDay2023 and the theme for this year is Climate, Food and Solidarity.

The call to action encourages individuals and organisations to partner up and collectively plant one million fruit trees. This year’s theme touches on addressing food insecurity in our country. Show your support by paying it forward by planting trees.  


It’s time for us to contribute positively to South African communities. 

It’s In Your Hands


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This is a theme that we can all get behind by taking the time to plant a tree that will one day bear fruit. #MandelaDay2023 addresses the effects of climate change and food insecurity, at the core of the tagline, ‘It’s in your hands’, empowering those who are honouring #MandelaDay2023 to take up the challenge of giving back.

What you can do

Join hands with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in planting trees and donating resources to home-based gardens and fruit trees as part of your 67 minutes. You can donate trees to nearby communities in need.

This initiative is in celebration of International Mandela Day 2023 and asks that we all play our part in feeding those in need. The poor are most affected by climate change and food insecurity. It’s our time to address these issues through our contribution this #MandelaDay2023.

The difference planting a tree can make

Planting a fruit-bearing tree can provide food for a lifetime and this is the thought behind this year’s theme: to provide food to those who are in need and living in impoverished neighbourhoods.

Pledge your 67 minutes in support of this initiative when you plant a tree or support a local community garden with the resources they need to thrive.

You, too, can make a difference in the lives of those living in poverty when you heed the call to plant trees to combat the effects of climate change on the environment. Help improve the lives of local communities when donating resources to support a gardening initiative in your community.

Gardening is a skill that not only helps communities with growing their own food.  It will also help to drive sustainability efforts in the country, thereby creating a greener South Africa. Make an investment into the future of South African communities this #MandelaDay2023.

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Featured image: Pexels