Using a certain colour in your space could tell people more about you than you may realise, as well as have a marked impact on both you and those enjoying the space.

As a child, were you obsessed with mood rings? Do you remember them? – the pieces of jewellery with the stone that would change colour depending on your mood? Each colour was said to represent how you were feeling at the time. While I don’t know the inner workings of how the stone worked, what I do know is that colour most certainly has the ability to affect your mood and the colours that you use in your space have the ability to speak volumes about who you are.

Moody Blues

More calming than moody, blue is a colour associated with the mind, with its soothing properties said to help one concentrate better and think more clearly. Using blue in your space, particularly on your walls, may point to you seeking out a calm place away from the demands of the world. It’s a relaxing colour that will help you unwind and turn your home into an oasis.

Glorious Greens

The use of green in your space is said to reflect that you are a down-to-earth individual who has a good handle on finding and maintaining the balance of life. Greens bring a sense of calm and relaxation to a space so enjoy it in an area where you’d like to sit down with a good book, do some yoga or simply unwind after the stresses of the day.

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Fiery Reds

Said to represent passion and power, red is a colour that is most certainly not for the faint-hearted. Making use of it in your home adds warmth and shows that you are ready to take on whatever the world may throw your way. This fiery hue is also said to be embraced by those who are not fans of monotony, welcome change and want to an extra bit of zig in their lives.

Sunshine Yellows

There is no disputing that a pop of yellow quickly brightens an area and, like red, is said to be a confident colour. As an energizing shade, it is great for use in spaces where you tend to be a bit more creative, such as the kitchen. Although the colour can indeed lift your spirits and improve your self-esteem, be warned that using too much of the wrong colour could also cause the opposite effect. It has been said that too much yellow in a space could result in people losing their tempers. (Wow! Who would have thought that such a playful colour could have
such an impact?).

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Pretty Purples

If shades of purples are more up your alley, then it is said that you are quite adventurous and unconventional, especially when it comes to decorating. Seen as the colour of glamour, it is believed to be loved by those who enjoy things of the finest and highest quality. Purple fans are also said to be both sensitive and witty.

Purple colour


Neutral Notes


If the main colour in your home is grey, it is said that you are impressive, but not showy and that you are someone who likes order. Lovers of grey are believed to be independent and in control in any situation.


Associated with sophistication and efficiency, the use of black in your interior space helps to project a feeling of maturity and seriousness. Black also helps to turn your space into a cosy space where you can unwind as needed.


What a classic colour for any space in the home. A colour that stimulates the senses, white also lends itself to the thoughts of endless possibilities, which is more than likely why many return to it again and again.



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A version of this article was originally published in the Garden&Home July 2022 printed magazine.

Feature image: Pexels