South African design: 5 minutes with furniture designer David Krynauw

We chat to furniture designer and crafter at David Krynauw about Design Joburg. He’ll have a standalone exhibit showcasing his latest designs

David Krynauw

How would you describe your product/style?
We’ve always focused on expanding the capabilities within our manufacturing process. The experimental and expressive work that we currently produce is a direct result of this focus. It allows us to design with freedom and push our imaginations.

What can visitors expect from you at Design Joburg?
A unique approach to furniture design.

Bench 6

What do you love most about local design?
The fact that we have a strong voice as a direct result of our own unique experience.

What does your own home look like?
Chaotic as I’ve just moved into a newly renovated part of an old house that burned down 30 years ago. It has a great view, a five hectare garden and massive potential.

Who are your favourite local designers right now?
Andile Dyalvane’s ceramics and Porky Hefer’s ‘nests’ are big on my radar.

What are the top trends for 2017 that you’ll be embracing?
To be honest, I try not to pay attention to trends.

Can you tell us more about your design process?
We have a very talented design team playing an integral part in the work we produce. Every idea starts with a hand drawn sketch that is then translated into a CAD drawing based on the rules within our patented method of manufacturing.

How does SA design differ from the global scene?
In SA most designers become makers in order to design. This gives us a greater understanding of our chosen medium and I see this as a big advantage over our global counterparts

What can’t you live without right now?
A kale and ginger smoothie, my Moleskine notebook and my CNC machine.

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