A super fun way to enjoy the festive period and get into the Christmas spirit is with an advent calendar. If you don’t know, an advent calendar counts down the days of (duh!) advent, meaning the first of December all the way until Christmas day. Most people’s first thought when it comes to advent calendars is usually a shop-bought chocolate calendar, but there are actually a number of other fun and different options these days!

What we are focusing on today, however, are DIY or traditional wooden advent calendars that you must fill yourself. As the festive season quickly approaches, we thought that we’d put together some ideas on how to fill up an advent calendar.

DIY advent calendar

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Fun festive activities

For each day of advent, come up with a different exciting activity like going to a Christmas market or donating toys to children in need.

Tree ornaments

For those who put up a tree during the festive season, an advent calendar of ornaments is a great way to count down the days.

Mini gifts

Socks, little toys, travel-size beauty products, jewellery or candles are all great options for an advent calendar filled with gifts.

Chocolate or sweets

Everyone loves sweets and chocolates, which is why this is always a fail-safe way to fill up your advent calendar!


For a more adult take, mini bottles of wine or champagne, different craft beers, or mini gins and differently flavoured tonic waters are a fun way to celebrate advent.

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Featured image: Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash