Using colour in your garden is a great way to elevate your outdoor space and we’re not just talking about adding colourful blooms. Garden and decor enthusiast, Melanie Walker shares her tips on how you can add that pop of colour to your garden effortlessly.

Tips for adding colour to your garden:

Don’t underestimate the use of the colour green in the garden. It is an often overlooked and much-underestimated colour.

Warm colours evoke passion and energy, while cooler colours create a sense of tranquillity.

Paler colours create an illusion of space, so keep those and cooler colours to the back, while bringing some vibrancy closer to the home with your red and oranges.

To ensure that the garden doesn’t come at you all at once, keep reds upfront so they don’t prove distracting, or make the space seem smaller.

Plan your garden in such a way that you have different plants blooming at various times throughout the year so you can enjoy a changing palette of colours.



It’s easy to bring colour into your garden in the flowering season, but you may end up without much colour interest at other times of the year, so think inventively about accessories such as garden furniture, colourful pot plants or art.

Many succulents and aloes have various shades of green, blue and silver to add to their bright pops of flower colour to add interest to your garden.

Don’t forget about evening lighting, our balmy summer evenings entice people outdoors, so string up some fairy lights or LED lights that can change hues to create a magical ambience.


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A version of this article was published in the Garden&Home November 2023 print edition. 

Feature image: Pexels