We love the story of the English gardener who visited one of the famous temple gardens in Japan and asked the head gardener what was the secret to creating such beauty. The head gardener simply held up his pruning shears and smiled.


Growing roses

Growing roses


Want a show of beautiful roses from your garden? Read our easy rose care guides and prune when necessary to ensure you keep your roses happy and healthy.


Pruning removes the old and dead branches and trims away top growth that is too weak or twiggy to bear good flowers, in order to encourage vigorous new growth from the base. READ MORE ABOUT HOW TO PRUNE ROSES.


A small (or no) garden doesn’t mean you can’t grow beautiful roses. HERE we share great tips on growing roses in containers, in any space.


Read on for more on growing roses…



Growing roses in containers

Growing roses in containers is becoming more and more popular. We asked rose experts Sheenagh Harris, former president of the World Federation of Rose Societies, and Ludwig Taschner, of Ludwig’s Roses, how to get the best results...
‘Raubritter’ is a Hybrid Macrantha that grows into an arching 2m x 2m shrub that flowers once. It has large, globular light

Heritage roses

Heritage roses have much to offer today’s gardener who wants disease-resistant, low-maintenance blooms. We explore their history and celebrate the women who’ve championed their survival...