Urban gardening is a hot topic and more and more people are growing fruit and veg on their small balconies and patios. Not sure where to start? Read on for some beginner’s tips

Why we love growing our own food:

  • The quality is great plus it’s healthy.
  • It helps to cut costs.


Where to start:

  • Space is not an issue; all you need is sunlight, soil and water.
  • Your urban veggie garden can live on a patio, balcony or on a wall.
  • Use recycled objects to cut costs, for example, old buckets, basins, tyres and crates make great containers.

lemon trees

Plan your veggie garden:

  • Determine the direction of the sun, how long the space has direct sunlight and at which time/s of day.
  • Make sure that containers have drainage holes in the bottom. Cover these with gravel or broken pottery to ensure proper drainage.


  • Fill with organic potting soil, compost and vermiculite mix.
  • Soil and seeds are the most important elements of your urban veggie garden.
  • Ensure that seeds are well spaced, leaving enough room for the vegetables to grow. Seed packets always have a guide on the back indicating how far apart seeds should be planted. VIEW SEEDING GUIDELINES HERE.
  • Water the plants every morning. During summer they should also be watered in the evening.
  • Keep an eye on the plants for signs of pests and diseasescompanion planting is a great way to keep these at bay.


For information on organic gardening courses visit soughtafterseedlings.co.za