Shipping container garden rooms are versatile and can work in almost all backyards.

It could be used as a meditation room, away from the hustle and bustle of the main house (ideal for moms!); garden offices, or consultation rooms for those who run their businesses from home.

There are countless ways to use shipping containers in your garden. Here are some ideas for you:

Office in your garden

If you have a job that requires a level of confidentiality, this option might be great for you. Lawyers and therapists alike could benefit from having a space separate from their homes and parents too, who just need to separate from the family during working hours.

a shipping container that has been converted into an office

Image source: Office in my garden

Garden gym

The idea of working out outside makes the act that much more interesting. With winter just around the corner, it helps to have a little bit of an indoor/outdoor setup, that still gives you the feeling of being outside while protecting you from the elements.

a shipping container that has been converted into a gym

Yoga and/or meditation room

Creating a meditation space in your garden is perfect to get your head off your daily worries. Being surrounded by nature might help you really tap in and get a great start to your day. A shipping container could be perfect as you can go for as many plants, pillows, incense, or decor as you want or you can keep it minimal – it’s all up to you.

a meditation room

Image source: decoist

Garden Cottage

You can create a garden cottage for overnight guests if you don’t have extra guest bedrooms within your main home. Your guests will have full privacy all the while enjoying your garden.

Pro-tip: you can even use your new garden cottage to generate a second stream of income on platforms like Airbnb.

garden cottage container home

Garden Yoga and its benefits

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