Garden landscaping can seem daunting at first if you’re new to it, but there are some simple steps you can follow to have a beautiful yard your neighbours will want. The goal is to organise the natural features of your yard into a functional, sustainable landscape.

Keep landscaping simple

Low maintenance starts with a good plan. Think clean, simple lines, and pathways. If you don’t have lots of space, don’t worry, there is plenty you can do to create a beautiful environment with limited space.

Landscape Gardener

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Start by mulching wisely

Mulching is relatively cheap and easy to apply. For the betterment of your soil and landscape, adding mulch can be beneficial to the growth of your plants.

When mulching, be sure to layer the mulch about 2 to 3 inches deep around each plant. This will help reduce weeds by blocking out the sun and reducing moisture loss through evaporation.

Structure your plants accordingly

Plants provide structure to your landscaping and will make it more appealing. Shrubs and branches of trees act as walls protecting your pathway.

Once the structure of your plant bed has been established, you should group and layer your plants to create visual unity in your yard.

Have statement pieces in your yard

Depending on how big your yard is, highlighting the unique plants, and distinct structures of your landscape can help determine the focal points of your yard.

Focal statement pieces such as statues or water features can add an element of style to your landscaped area. Statement pieces can range from the texture, shape, size and colour of your landscape, to something that will hold the eye.

Wooden Gazebo in as yard as a statement pieces

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Your yard is a natural resource that adds value to your home and enjoyment to your life, creating a space that serves as an outdoor calming space for you and your family.


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