Well into September, our gardens have finally started to wake up to the spring season. Birds are chirping, the grass looks greener and plants are slowly pushing out blooms. Much like the spring clean we complete indoors each year, you may be looking at your garden during this revival thinking it needs a bit of a touch up, and nothing uplifts a space more than colour. Try these easy ways to inject some additional colour into your garden to take you through to summer.

Grab Your Paintbrush

There’s (almost) no limit to what a fresh coat of paint can do for your garden. Paint outdoors – especially when using the wrong paint – wears quickly and can look tired within a couple of months. Exposure to the elements also means any painted areas require updating far more often to look their best. Whether it’s your potting shed or a picket fence, a pop of colour can do wonders.

Choose New Furniture & Furnishings

If you have a bit of space in your budget or the inclination to start a DIY project, furniture and furnishings are an easy way to add instant colour. Look to seating areas on your patio or in the garden to add an extra bistro set or some cushions that match your outdoor colour scheme. Outdoor all-weather rugs are also becoming increasingly popular and add not only colour, but texture and pattern too.

Get Planting

The most appealing way for any gardener to add colour to their backyard is (of course) – plants! Choose a combination of quick-flowering annuals and long-standing perennials for an ever-changing garden. Also choose a wide range of plants with differing flowering times for continuous colour throughout the seasons. No matter your colour scheme, thanks to the incredible diversity of the plant world, there is always a perfect plant to match your needs.


Author: Madison Moulton

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