Plant and garden enthusiasts mark your calendars for an extraordinary event – the Exotic and Rare Plant Market. Hosted by Mother Dirt Humbly Living, a prominent soil, plants and plant decor shop, this event promises a delightful experience for the whole family.

The market is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of plants, aiming to make exotic and rare plants accessible to everyone and creating a space for plant lovers to connect, learn and share their passion. It’s a celebration of the botanical diversity found in tropical countries, bringing a slice of these lush environments to Cape Town.

Mother Dirt Humbly Living, the driving force behind this event, was established in 2020 by Carla and David Hofmeyr. Avid gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts, the couple embarked on a journey to bring a more holistic approach to life.

Their pursuit led them to create their own soil mixes, which eventually evolved into propagating exotic and rare plants.

The result is a premium soil mix that’s both affordable and ready-to-use, offering plant enthusiasts a valuable resource.



The market promises a day filled with excitement and enrichment. Visitors can browse a diverse range of plants native to tropical regions and explore hand-mixed specialised plant-growing mediums.

But the experience goes beyond plants – attendees can indulge in delectable food offerings and enjoy kids’ entertainment, including jumping castles, slushies, popcorn and more.

Rare plant vendors and skilled plant goods crafters will all be gathered under one roof, providing a unique opportunity for plant enthusiasts to explore and discover exquisite greenery, learn from experts and add a touch of rarity to their own collections.

The market’s impressive vendor lineup includes Mother Dirt Humbly Living, Shoots before Roots, Melkbos Mountain View Plants, Shooting Roots, Plant Life, Hanja Kunz, Eikenhoff Orchids, Saffrons Garden, Nuno Plants, Evok Innovation, When in Bloom, Sunnyy.Spott, Momstera Deliciosa, The Natural Bloom, Graceland Terrariums and more.

The Exotic and Rare Plant Market Details:

  • Location: The Range, Conference and Function Venue Orpen Rd, Tokai
  • Date: Sunday, 10 September
  • Times: 10am to 3pm
  • Cost: R30 (free for under 12s)
  • Tickets: At the door


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Featured image: Pexels

Originally published in SA Woman&Home Magazine.