Gardens exposed to daylong sun and heat can be beautiful and inspiring if you choose the perfect selection of plants and flowers and plant them in the ideal location. The right amount of sunlight can help your garden flourish.

Here are five plants that do well in basking in the sun:

1. Lavender

This shrubby plant does well in direct sunny conditions. With its thin and upright stalks, which are perfect for its environment. The lavender plant prefers arid, sunny climates and is notably drought tolerant. This drought-resistant feature helps it produce the highly aromatic oils in its flowers, making it a sought-after type of plant. Lavender plants create an enchanting summer atmosphere in gardens thanks to their beautiful blooms and their unforgettable aroma.

2. Aloe Vera

Sun-loving aloe vera is a perfect standout succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves. They are perfect as backyard plants with direct sunlight. What makes it the right sun-loving plant is its ability to withstand almost any condition thrown at it. Although they love the sun, they don’t need as much hydration as you’d expect.


Image Credit: Pexels

3. Coneflower

Also known as Echinacea flowers, these brightly coloured plants have been garden favourites for ages. Coneflowers add colour to the garden with its bright, summer blooms, it is the perfect option for a sunny garden and requires little maintenance. These beautiful, hardy flowers can withstand temporary drought. With these flowers water from rainfall is sufficient, which is perfect for their growth. The interesting factor about coneflowers is they can be used for medicinal purposes.

4. Feather Reed Grass

Known scientifically as Calamagrostis, this type of plant is a fairly low-maintenance, easy-to-grow plant. The feather reed grass plant is an attractive clump-forming grass with feathery plumes that bloom from summer to fall. The ideal location for feather reed grass is where it gets direct sun in the morning but you need to be careful to not give it too much sunlight or it may become floppy. They offer a plethora of seed heads that in turn attract hungry birds.


Image Credit: Pexels

5. The Jade Plant

Although it might be common for indoor growing it’s actually a succulent that can be grown very successfully outdoors. It can be grown in hot arid climates, with its thick, glossy leaves which hold water for the survival of the plant.



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Feature Image: Pexels