Shop Shades of blue at SHF

As a creative entrepreneur, art, colour, and beautiful interiors have always fueled Olivia Hean’s passion. Her timeless style and creativity comes from the colours she surrounds herself with. Shop shades of blue with Olivia’s aqua inspired selections:

shop shades of blue with shf


  1. Ombre Rug, R 7 000
  2. Munich Chair, R12,500
  3. Sulu Lamp, R1,500
  4. Peacock Marina Throw,  R 2 500
  5. Mystic Reef Scatter cushion, R 550
  6. Amelia Aquamarine scatter cushion, R 750
  7. Gold Beacon Vase Medium & Gold Beacon Vase Large From R 850
  8. Turquoise wall art, R 5 500
  9. Reef Naal Stool, R950
  10. Arctic bowl, R 3 000
  11. Coleford Sofa, R24,000
  12. Cactus Vase Small, & Cactus Vase Large from R350