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Shop African Elegance at SHF

Regal and dignified, yet modest and down to earth, Noxi Ntshaba embodies a very distinctive and sophisticated African style.

Equally at home in the jungles of Ciudad Perdida as well as the corridors of the United Nations buildings in New York City, Noxi presents a good spirit and genuine warmth. 

Shop African Elegance at SHF

  1. Shanti Rug, R8 500
  2. Prima Chandelier, R6 500
  3. Rala Velvet Sofa, R35 000
  4. Column Gold Planters, from R350, Large, MediumPetite
  5. Clemance Scatter cushion, R1 100
  6. Ernst Side Table, R1 350; Dali Coffee Table, R2 750
  7. Coil Lantern, from R750, Small, Large
  8. Champagne Guild bowls, from R750, Large, Medium, Small
  9. Lizard Object, R1 000
  10. Rose Gold Plaque, R3 500
  11. Feather Object, from R550
  12. Flamenco Chair, R8 500


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