From a shiny granite counter to an organised pantry, there is no better compliment than one about your kitchen. If you smell a strange odour in the kitchen and cannot pinpoint it, maybe it’s time to check the filter of your oven extractor fan.

Oven extractor fans are prone to dirt and poor odours due to their regular use in our kitchens to remove grease, poor odours and steam. A lingering smell in the kitchen area is a clear indicator that a thorough cleaning of your filter and fan is due.

Why does the oven extractor fan need to be cleaned?

The continuous use makes the kitchen extractor prone to grease and dust which can create a block. This can stop your oven extractor fan from working efficiently.

How to clean your oven extractor fan

What you’ll need:

  • Cleaning solution of choice (baking soda, dishwashing liquid or specified detergents)
  • Hot water
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Brush or sponge

Note: make sure the detergent or products used have anti-grease properties 

Step 1

Make sure the extractor is turned off at any main points, and at a cool temperature before the filter is removed.

Remove the hood of your extractor fan.

Remove the filter from the hood. Follow the manual instructions for your appliance to ensure that the filter is removed correctly.

Step 2

Fill your bowl or bucket with hot water, place the filter and cover into the water for a soak.

Soak the cover in hot water for 15-20 minutes to ensure that the residue and grease build-up loosens.

Step 3

Apply your detergent or cleaning solution of choice to the cover and filter. Read the instructions in the manual to determine the type of products that can be used to clean your hood and filter.


Step 4

While the filter soaks in the water gently scrub and wash the filter and cover with a sponge or brush to remove any dust or grease.

For the cover make sure to pay close attention to grease areas where the dirt accumulates and the corners.

Step 5

Once the filter and cover are thoroughly cleaned and fresh. Leave it to dry on a rack before being placed back into the hood.

Step 6

While the filter and cover dry, the interior of the hood can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner to ensure that any dust particles are removed.


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Article originally written by Katelin Maggott for Food&Home.

Feature image: Pexels