Update your home for spring

Decorator Amanda Walters shares her tips for updating your home for spring


1. Add floral accents


“I’ve always been mad about this large-scale botanical print, Harlequin’s Rosella from Black Fabrics, and when I moved my office into this beautiful space I just couldn’t resist using it. Adding florals, even if only on one accent piece, gives an instant spring lift to a room. I also painted our old dining room table white and transformed it into my desk – the pale shade gives a very tranquil feel.”

2. Create a new tablescape

“Curating still lifes of favourite objects, particularly when mixed in with fresh spring flowers, is an easy way to bring a lived-in elegance to a home.” Amanda added a clear Perspex coffee table to this light-filled living room, placing ordered groups of books topped with glass vases and accessories.

3. Make the most of spring blooms

“I get such enjoyment from setting a beautiful spring table. I always feel special when friends go the extra mile when entertaining, and I like to reciprocate.” Amanda advises using as many flowers as possible to create a sense of spring abundance.

“Grouping single colours together in oversize vases adds enormous impact and is so easy to do. However, using greenery from the garden can be just as effective. I treat my tables like interiors, either full-on colour or totally monochromatic, there’s no middle ground!”

4. Treat yourself to a trendy new buy

“I based this whole scheme on an existing scatter with a blue iris motif,” says Amanda. “Sometimes keeping to one fabric throughout gives the most tranquil and enduring result. This bedroom has definitely been transformed into a fresh, cool space where guests can switch off. An easy way to keep the look ‘now’ is by adding a fashionable accessory or furnishing, like this pair of cut-out ceramic side tables.”