DIY: Lampshade

Take an old lampshade from tired to trendy by stripping off the fabric and replacing it with a length of metallic chain. Upcycling pro Sacha Olivier shows you how


  • An old lampshade
  • A primer
  • Spraymate® Metallic Spray Paint in silver
  • Pliers
  • 12m* chain in silver

*NOTE: You’ll find metal chains in different thicknesses at most hardware stores; the length you’ll need will be determined by the size of your lampshade, but 12m should be sufficient.


  1. If necessary, strip the fabric off your lampshade. If there’s glue residue, use a solvent like nail polish remover or thinners to remove it. If the glue can’t be removed using a solvent, use sandpaper.
  2. Prime the lampshade frame first, then give it two coats of silver spray paint. Allow to dry in between coats.
  3. Using the pliers, open the first link at one end of the chain and attach it to the top of the lampshade frame.
  4. Thread the chain down the inside of the frame, looping it over the bottom so it’s now on the outside and bringing it back up to the top. Continue wrapping the chain around the frame in this manner until it’s completely covered. Aim to leave an equal amount of space between each length of chain and be sure to keep the chain taut at all times.
  5. Using the pliers, open the link at the loose end of the chain and attach it to the frame. (If necessary, you can remove any excess chain using the pliers.)
  6. You can now fit your new-look lampshade onto a lamp base. NOTE: As the chain is metal it may get hot to the touch when the lamp is turned on.