After scouring the internet for a sense of direction with this one, we’ve finally struck gold. Crystals remain a major thing in many spiritualists’ lives who firmly believe in the crystals’ energy healing properties. Not only can crystals heal and help the mind and body, they are also useful in cleansing energy in your space.

Let’s find out more on which crystals are good for which spaces in your home.

Crystals for good vibes in your home

We create homes meant for peaceful relaxation after a long day at work, and crystals are there for this cause. To help us create harmonious homes and generate good energy throughout our living spaces. These crystals are also great to give as gifts to friends and family getting their first homes or in need of a little energetic pick-me-up.



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This crystal is considered to be the go to for home protection. Protecting your home doesn’t necessarily mean there are energies out to get you, it’s just simply a measure to ensure that the energy in your space is what you would like it to be. If you speak the intention to keep bad vibes out, then this stone is good for exactly that. To keep your space protected from unwanted energy.

The stone of summer

This stone is a great choice for those whose homes are often used as a place of work. This is perfect for our work from home lives. Citrine is known for radiating joy for its holder and also stimulates mental creativity. This crystal would make a great gift for someone in the creative space, helping them generate ideas and increasing self-confidence.

Imbued with the power of positivity, Citrine is said to be the stone of summer. And, as such, will surely bring the endless power of the sun into your home. Additionally, with its energetic properties this stone also happens to look very good on display. Display this crystal in an area of your home which feels low vibrational. Place it in a spot where you can look at it, while it gives a burst of sunshine through your home.

This crystal is known to send out good vibes to its holder and invites prosperity and wealth in the sense of finances and general wellbeing. You’ll want to get your hands on this crystal if you wish to bring that extra bit of positivity in your space.

Where to find them

For the Cape Town readers, crystals like this one are available from African Gems & Minerals on Longmarket Street. The Scratch Patch in the V&A Waterfront also has a good enough selection. You can also find crystals online when you search for stores near you. is one such place to find the crystals you are seeking.

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Featured image: Unsplash