Looking to add a bit of interest to your space with a pop of colour and a touch of edginess? You’re in luck – bold, eclectic interiors are trending for 2024.

Pair these eclectic must-haves with a bold colour on the walls, such as cobalt blue, to breathe new life into your space!

Bold, eclectic decor must-haves

“I Am What You See” vertical A1 canvas print, R 1 250,00 from The Local Edit.

Mobster Occasional Chair, R3299.99 from Eleven Past.

elevenpast Yellow Mobster Occasional Chair | 4 Colours

Curve Chair, R1249.00 from Eleven Past.

elevenpast Green Curve Chair - Polypropylene 1190139

Double Grey Avignon Ceramic Candlestick, R249.00 from Bloom Space.

Double Grey Avignon Ceramic Candlestick (12cm)

Carpet Design Kantha Stitched Throw, R1849.00 from Yuppie Chef.India Ink Carpet Design Kantha Stitched Throw - Aqua

Loft Planter Round, R2349.00 from Plantr.

Velvet Scatter Cushion Set, R5960.00 from DIYgirls.

Landy Sofa, R9999.00 from Homzy.

Landy Sofa  HOMZY  VCI-12

Azure Fountain Pendant, R2895.00 from Modern Gesture.

The Fountain Citrus Pendant from Modern Gesture is the perfect lighting feature for interior design, it is simple, elegant and eco-friendly.

Tuchus Vase, R1199.00 from Knus.

Tuchus Vase - KNUS

Half Moon Mirror R1 950.00 from Tiger Lily.

Half Moon Mirror

Mini Wave, R550.00 from Mooi Mirrors. 

Sunset Rug, R7699.00 from Iconomy Online.

Faux Potted Strelitzia, R1699.00 from Bash. 



Marble makes a bold statement in your home decor

Article compiled by Savanah Douglas for Woman&Home. 

Feature image: Unsplash