With its subtly sophisticated palette and luxurious, layered accents, this stylish bedroom is the epitome of comfort

“The bedroom has a very generous scale, so we wallpapered the back wall in Harlequin Papillon from Black Fabrics to anchor the space and introduce shades of soft green,” explain Sheila Jorgensen and Nicola Boustred of White on White Interior Design in Johannesburg. “We repeated this soothing tone in the silk lampshades and in the beaded scatters.”

1. “Choosing the right fabrics and bedlinen is key to creating comfort in a bedroom. The deep-buttoned headboard is covered in Belfast Linen from St Leger & Viney, and we added a cotton velvet comforter at the end of the bed. We always use bedlinen with the highest thread count from Ginger Cat and goose down king-size pillows for extra pampering.”

2. “We love using embellished cushions by Bead which bring an element of Africa to a space. We see them not simply as scatters, but as handcrafted pieces of art, and it’s wonderful to present your client with a one-off piece.”

3. “To maximise the beautiful views we created a comfy TV lounge where the family relaxes in the evenings. The sofa is slip-covered in Arcadia Ikat from St Leger & Viney which echoes the gentle green tones in the rest of the room.”

4. “The silver Nguni skin rug from African Gameskin is a bit of fun and adds a sense of glamour. When you’re focusing on comfort, a good quality carpet is essential and we chose the main carpet in a neutral shade from Kevin Bates.”

silver Nguni skin rug

5. “The inlaid dressing table from Weylandts adds a quirky element and we paired it with a translucent chair to create a sense of space.”

translucent chair