With the days getting colder and the motivation to leave home growing weaker and weaker by the day, your options might seem limited in terms of what you can do.


Let us help you get those creative juices flowing from the comfort of your own home.



So many of us complain that we don’t have time to read (me included!). But most times, time is not the issue. We just prioritize the things we end up doing more than the things that we don’t end up doing. 


On a cold night, dedicate some time to pick up a book before bed, instead of putting on a TV show. Loadshedding might also be a great time to dedicate to reading. If you don’t have an e-reader, you can download the e-book on your phone or laptop.



Keep the memories alive by scrapbooking! 


Scrapbooking is a great way to keep busy during winter as it requires you to dig through some of your things and to be creative in laying out your pages. 


You can theme them according to months of the year or according to life events such as having kids, marriage, educational achievements or career advancements. 


Baking or cooking

Choosing to stay home in the cold could help you emerge as your family’s next MasterChef or next great baker. 


Find a recipe for your favourite dish or cake and you can use the time indoors to perfect it. Being in front of the stove also generates heat, which means you’ll combat the cold while picking up a new skill. Killing two birds with one stone is pretty genius in our books!


Work out in your living room

Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you need to live a sedentary lifestyle.


One of the many perks of working out in your living room is that no one will be there to see how fit (or unfit) you are. It’s a no-judgement zone, with just you and your potential. 


You can start with some low-intensity exercises to get you started, like yoga or wall pilates. 



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Experiment with makeup

So many talented makeup artists started their careers by simply playing around and experimenting with different looks in their rooms, by themselves.


Many have gone on to become world-renowned just by playing with colour and their own faces. Perhaps you don’t want to go on to become a popular MUA, but perfecting your own face is a skill that will forever count in your favour.  



Now, we know this one is basically an outdoor activity but hear me out. When you start with seedlings, you don’t necessarily need to be outdoors for that. 


There are also a few plants that need some time to start sprouting, which you can start in your kitchen or garage before it’s time to plant them in the ground. You can find some plants that you can start planting in winter.



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Featured image: Hossein Ezzatkhah  via Unsplash