Welcome to the momentous relaunch of SA Garden&Home! We are so excited to bring back a magazine that holds a place in many South African gardener’s and home lover’s hearts. This revival fittingly launches in the 75th anniversary year of the iconic title, originally named The South African Home Gardener and Poultry Keeper. For decades, it has remained a leader in the magazine world, with gardening tips and home decor advice. Continuing this trend, the new Garden&Home provides readers with tons of expert-approved, practical articles on all the latest in the home and gardening space.

The theme of this issue is ‘Rebirth’, not only of the magazine itself, but in the industries it covers. With more time spent at home, we are all understandably feeling the itch for change. Our real home features showcase the best in interior decor trends, with everything you need to recreate your favourite looks in your own home. Out in the garden, rebirth is seen in our precious plants as they spring (excuse the pun) back to life after winter dormancy. It’s also seen across the gardening industry itself. Millions of newbies have started getting their hands dirty, creating a revolution geared towards practices that are simple, urban-focused and sustainable. Now, more than ever before, is the perfect time to get gardening, whether you have an expansive backyard or a small indoor oasis.

We hope this issue, featuring the world’s most Instagrammable colourful gardens and the latest in gardening trends, inspires you to pick up your spade this spring and dig in.

xxx SA Garden&Home team!