Would you like to experience more freedom with less baggage? If your answer is ‘yes’, then it is time to embrace the art of minimalist travel.

The approach will help you to enjoy the simplicity and freedom of travel as you focus on the essentials and limit the unnecessary. You will also appreciate adventures and experiences with so much less.

Through minimalist travel, you can travel lighter, move more freely and have a richer and more deeply immersed travel experience.

Here are a few tips to embrace the art of minimalist travel:

Pack versatile clothing

Selecting the right kind of clothing is a crucial part of minimalist travel. Packing multi-functional and versatile clothing items in neutral colours works best. This is because such items can be easily matched and styled to create different outfits. In packing versatile clothing, you will save plenty of space, thus resulting in less baggage. Your decision-making process each morning will also be more simplified.

Plan to do laundry

Doing laundry on your trip will reduce the amount of clothing which you pack. Some hotels offer laundry services at an extra cost. You can also hand wash clothes which are made from quick-drying fabrics. Bring a small amount of washing powder with you or purchase it at your destination. This is an effective way to ensure that you always have clean clothing even though you have packed light.


Make wise footwear decisions

Shoes can very easily be one of the bulkiest items in your luggage. As such, it is advisable to not pack more than two pairs of shoes. Make sure that the shoes you pack are comfortable, versatile and durable. Moreover, it is best to wear the bulkiest pair of shoes on the day when you are travelling. This will save you some space in your luggage.

Choose travel-sized toiletries

Embracing the compactness of travel-sized options can be a game changer. You can effortlessly save precious space in your luggage without compromising your personal hygiene and grooming routine. Be sure to pack mini bottles of products such as shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

Go digital

We live in a digital world, and using that to your advantage will help you to achieve your goal of minimalist travel. Instead of carrying physical books and maps, rather access these through your cellphone. This way, you can still access the information you need without having to carry unnecessary baggage.


It is also important to ensure that you minimise the electronics you bring along. If you have a good smartphone that takes high-quality images, consider using it for photos on your trip instead of bringing a separate camera with you.

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Article originally written and published by Nomvelo Masango for Getaway Magazine.