If we want to get down to the nitty-gritty of plant health, soil is the foundation of all plant growth. In the natural world, nutrients are incorporated into the soil as organic matter and broken down by soil microbes. The new Wonder Organics Fertiliser range is built around the cadences of nature. By feeding the soil with micro-organisms, you are able to create a plant utopia with organic nutrients.

As a home gardener, your mantra should be “Feed the soil, and the plant.” 

The Wonder Organics Fertiliser range provides an organic source of nitrogen and other micronutrients for your lawn, plants, flowers, veggies, and herbs. These nutrients gently release into the soil over time, resulting in healthier soil and plants. As the nutrients in your soil increase, the grass and plants in your lush gardens develop healthier roots. Additionally, it stimulates soil bacteria, which promotes the development of soil microbes. You might wonder why soil bacteria are so crucial and it is because it lowers the risk of disease and pest infestations in your plants and grass. Countless micro-organisms that eat the organic stuff in the soil are found in healthy soil. The nutrients are then released by the bacteria as they consume the fertiliser in a form that is as close to nature as is meant to be.


When switching to the Wonder Organics Fertiliser range, remember that soil will improve over time. 

Wait patiently, as it is well worth the wait.


There are many benefits to switching to the Wonder Organics Fertiliser range, so let’s go through some of the facts and stats:

Using the Wonder Organics Fertiliser range will elevate the soil’s “Cation Exchange Capacity” (CEC). In soil science, the CEC has to do with the soil’s ability to retain nutrients. This is especially true for low CEC soils such as soils high in sand.

• The Wonder Organics Fertiliser range increases water retention of coarse soils (sandy) and aids in the downward movement of water through fine soils (clay/silt).

• The Wonder Organics Fertiliser range adds several micronutrients not often supplied in traditional fertilisers.

• The Wonder Organics Fertiliser range encourages the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms such as earthworms.

• Plants receiving a regular application of the Wonder Organics Fertiliser range have fewer problems with certain diseases. With the addition of Wonder Organics Fertiliser range there are healthier populations of beneficial microbes that feed on pathogenic fungi in the soil. There are billions of soil micro-organisms in a gram of healthy soil and plants cannot exist without them. All plants depend on the activity of soil microbes for life

So, when making the decision to go Wonder Organic, keep in mind that growing nutrient-rich, organic plant life that is healthy, requires a cup of effort, a pinch of patience and a lot of  love.