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Creating a bee-friendly haven is easier than you think, just follow these tips from Garden Master

Choose plants that attract bees

Certain plants are more attractive to bees than others. These plants include basil, sage, thyme, lavender, watermelons, cucumbers and pumpkin.

Group similar plants together

If you have space, try to plant at least one square metre of the same plant genus together.

Pick plants with long blooming cycles

This will keep the bees coming back to your garden.

Let your plants flower

Leave the flowers on your plants, this will allow the honeybees to access the pollen and nectar they need.


Have a fresh water source

Any shallow water source will do; a bird bath, a waterfall, a pool or even newly watered potted plants are good for bees.

No pesticides or other chemicals

Most chemicals are toxic to bees, so when in doubt, rather leave it out.


Flowering weeds are very important food sources for bees.



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