When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, there’s nothing quite like a backyard picnic to bring friends and family together for a relaxing and enjoyable time. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a memorable outdoor experience that combines delicious food, comfortable seating, and a charming atmosphere. 

Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect backyard picnic:

Select the perfect spot

Choose the ideal location in your backyard for your picnic. Consider factors like shade, proximity to amenities, and a flat, level surface for seating. If you have a garden, positioning your picnic near colourful flowers or a tranquil pond can add to the ambience.

Set the scene

Create a cosy atmosphere with picnic blankets, cushions, and low tables or picnic baskets. Opt for bright, cheerful colours and patterns to set a festive mood. Adding some outdoor lighting, like string lights or lanterns, can extend your picnic into the evening hours.

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Plan the menu

Think about your picnic menu in advance. Classic picnic foods like sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese platters, and potato salad are always a hit. Don’t forget refreshing beverages, such as lemonade or iced tea, and a variety of snacks and finger foods. Consider the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests when planning.

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Keep it cool

To ensure your food stays fresh and safe, invest in a cooler with ice packs or bring a portable refrigerator. This is especially important for perishable items like dairy products and meats.


Plan some fun outdoor activities or games to keep everyone entertained. Options could include frisbee, cornhole, or a scavenger hunt. Music can also set the mood, so create a playlist with everyone’s favourite tunes.

Comfort is key

Ensure your guests have comfortable seating options. Consider providing foldable chairs or cushions for those who prefer not to sit on the ground. Blankets or picnic rugs can also add a touch of cosiness.

Embrace nature

Take advantage of the natural beauty of your backyard. Let the flowers, trees, and wildlife become part of your picnic experience. If you have a garden, consider incorporating some fresh blooms into your decor.

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Safety first

Don’t forget about safety precautions. Provide sunscreen, bug spray, and hand sanitiser for your guests. Make sure there’s a first aid kit on hand, just in case.

Capture the moments

Lastly, designate someone as the official photographer to capture the precious moments and memories of your perfect backyard picnic.


With a little bit of planning and attention to detail, your backyard picnic can become a cherished tradition for years to come. So, gather your loved ones, create a beautiful outdoor space, and savour the simple joys of life together in your own backyard paradise.


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