FERNS: GROWING TIPS | SA Garden and Home
Last updated on 8 November 2016
  • Grow ferns in the shade of south-facing walls, on covered patios, along streams or ponds and in containers.
  • Most ferns grow naturally in the wild where there’s a build-up of organic materials – especially leaf litter which provides a rich, moisture-retaining rooting medium.
  • They like high humidity as dry air can scorch their delicate fronds, but an automatic misting system can help alleviate this.
  • Mulch in spring to keep soil cool and moist.
  • They need little maintenance apart from removing fronds as they die back; use these as natural mulch.
  • Having trouble finding ferns? Look for them in the shade plant section at garden centres or nurseries; you often find them among indoor plants at nurseries and supermarkets.

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