How often should I water my roses?


Modern roses, such as hybrid teas, floribundas, and grandifloras, require watering during hot, dry weather.  The frequency depends upon weather conditions and soil type.  In most gardens, a thorough watering every 7 to 10 days during dry weather is sufficient.  If possible, apply the water directly to the soil around each plant.  Overhead watering wets the foliage and increases disease problems.  If overhead watering is unavoidable, morning is the best time to water roses.  Morning applications allow the foliage to dry quickly.

An excellent way to conserve soil moisture is by mulching. Spread a 3-5cm thick layer of mulch around each rose or over the entire bed.  Mulches also help to control weeds.

Source: Horticulture and Home Pest News, Iowa State University 

Featured image: Angela Fountain via Unsplash