If you are looking for a solution to expanding your garden. Or if you are pressed for space and want to start an indoor garden. Then planting in pots and containers is the way to go.


Planting in pots

Image credit: Pexels

Firstly, planting in pots provides you with that extra bit of planting space in your outdoor garden. For those with little or virtually no space, pot plants are the ideal solution for this.

Use pots to propagate your new grows as well as starting an indoor garden of your own. You get the benefit of space when you choose a smaller pot to plant your herbs indoors. You can place these anywhere as long as it’s a spot that gets enough light.


You can move potted plants around with ease. If a plant you’ve planted in a pot is not doing so well, with pots you get the benefit of movement.

You can simply move that plant to a better spot and watch how it grows. This is a solution for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

Mix and match

Image credit: Pexels

You can mix and match different coloured pots for an added element of colour to decorate your garden. Pots come in a variety of colours, or you can simply paint them to create a certain mood around your garden.

With indoor plants, you have a few options and variations in size. You can also hang potted plants for better use of space.

Benefits of planting in pots

Planting in pots is an easy gardening hack for gardeners of all varieties. Potted plants provide an instant solution to indoor planting and give outdoor gardeners the extra space they require in the garden. Hassle free and easy to move about in any space, potted plants are an essential gardening solution for your size of garden.

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Featured image: Pexels