Science has proven time and again how beneficial plants and herbs are to humans’ physical and mental health. This explains how much humanity is intact and connected to nature.

Among many things, certain plants are helpful when it comes to relaxing and sleeping. You might be struggling with insomnia and trying out different medications, whereas all you need is a plant.

Various publications and studies have recommended the top 4 plants that have been proven to work wonders in creating a conducive environment for sleep.


Jasmine flower


According to a Wheeling Jesuit University study, the smell of jasmine increases sleep efficiency and decreases activity during sleep. The study also discovered that people who smelt jasmine when they woke up from sleep evaluated their level of energy and worry lower and completed cognitive tasks more quickly. Additionally, German researchers discovered that the scent of jasmine has sedative or mood-enhancing properties.  These researchers believe that a jasmine plant in your nose could have a highly relaxing, tranquil impact just by breathing it in.



The online publication Sleep Enlightened suggested the valerian plant, claiming that this plant is a renowned perennial blooming plant that has been used for medicinal purposes in ancient Greece and Rome. “Hippocrates recommended it for sleeplessness, and the renowned Greek physician Galen did the same in the second century.” The publication referred to a recent study that revealed that the valerian plant helps increase slow-wave-sleep (SWS), otherwise known as deep sleep.

Snake plant


The Dreams online publication states that the snake plant, also known as the “mother-in-law’s tongue, is a natural air purifier. It releases oxygen during the night, which promotes deeper sleep. According to the publication in question, this plant is also known to eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and trichloroethylene, among other dangerous chemicals, from the air. “Formaldehyde is often found in hairspray and can cause respiratory problems, so this is a great plant to have in the bedroom!”


plant symbolism meaning


Dreams mentioned that the aroma of lavender is known as a wonderful help when it comes to relaxing. “Lavender is perfect for the bedroom because it has been shown to reduce stress, blood pressure, and heart rate.” According to a Miami Miller School of Medicine study, newborns were proven to be soothed and able to fall asleep more soundly by the smell of lavender bath oil, which also helped the mother feel less stressed. Dreams also suggested that lavender should be planted on a windowsill in the sun and watered, and that “Lavender plants prefer warmth and light.”



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Article was originally written by Qaqamba Falithenjwa for BONA Magazine.