Creating a comfortable yet stylish living room

Cape Town designer Georgina Bagg’s secrets to creating a space that’s both comfy and stylish

A mix of rich fabrics, classic furniture and different textures give this large, formal living room a sense of opulence and comfort.

Cape Town designer Georgina Bagg, whose signature style is classic with a contemporary twist, focused the seating area of this large open-plan living space around a stunning stone fireplace. “I kept the tones neutral and muted to create a luxurious, sophisticated feel.”

  1. By using textured fabrics, like the rich bouclé weave on the chaise, Georgina introduced a feeling of warmth and elegance. “The chaise was designed with upholstered arms on either side for a more comfortable, relaxing lie-down.”
  1. “The owner of the house has a wonderful collection of antiques, including this wine cooler which serves as a beautiful tea table with a silver tray and coffee pot; the deep colour of the wood and gleaming silver evoke the extravagance of the periods from which they originate,” says Georgina.

Comfy living room with fireplace

  1. The round side table covered with a thickly-lined tablecloth provides a soft base for a collection of family photographs; the base of the cloth is rolled to skim the oak flooring which gives a sense of sumptuousness.
  1. A pile of soft throws has been placed on the ottoman so that they’re within easy reach on chilly evenings. It’s also the favoured napping spot of the family pets.

Dog in comfy living room

  1. An old copper bin contains logs for the fire and is left there throughout the year to give a nostalgic, relaxed feel. On nippy evenings it’s only a question of lighting a match to add a cosy glow to the room.