If you have a small kitchen, a pot rack is a practical way to create additional storage space and keep essential utensils and pots close at hand. Better yet, you can make one yourself from copper piping, as Melissa and James Lawrence did in their Cape Town apartment

What you’ll need:

  • 2 x long-length 20mm copper pipes
  • 2 x short-length 20mm copper pipes (these could be off-cuts from your long lengths, it all depends on your overall dimensions)
  • 4 x 90 degree copper connectors
  • 4 x steel cable crimping sleeves
  • Crimping tool or pliers
  • Steel cable
  • A few “S” hooks
  • Copper glue


  1. Decide how big you’d like the utensil hanger to be, then get the copper pipes cut to the appropriate lengths at your local hardware store. If you prefer to cut the pipes yourself, use a pipe cutter for a clean cut.
  2. Once the pipes are cut to length, lay out the two long pieces and short pieces in the shape of a rectangle. Decide where the top of the utensil hanger will be (in this case it was one of the longer lengths) and drill two small holes for the steel cable. Ensure the holes are evenly spaced to carry the weight.
  3. Thread the steel cable through the holes and crimp the ends with a crimping sleeve.
  4. Add a small dot of copper glue into each 90 degree copper connector and plug in your lengths of copper to create a rectangular shape. Allow to dry.
  5. Next, loop the top end of the steel cable and crimp the ends, this is where you will hang the utensil hanger from.
  6. Install hooks above the kitchen island or in the ceiling in the correct position. If you’re going to hang heavy pots and pans, ensure the ceiling hooks are inserted in a truss.
  7. Once done, hang the rack, add the “S” hooks on the lower pipe and style with your pots and utensils.